Sunday, June 10, 2012

Foods to Avoid By People With G6PD Deficiency

There are many foods to avoid by people with g6pd deficiency; including medicines and other substances. It has to be strictly followed to avoid anemia; because it is the red blood cells that doesn't function properly in cases of glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency.

These are the g6pd foods to avoid by people with g6pd deficiency; also called “trigger” foods. When eaten by people who are g6pd deficient, symptoms may appear. The list may only be partial and it is still best to discuss everything with your doctor.

fava beans
1. Fava Beans – is the number one food to avoid by people with g6pd deficiency; the term “favism” came from fava beans. Symptoms of the disorder are triggered when these beans are eaten.

2. Legumes or Soya Beans– hemolytic reaction of people with g6pd deficiency differ from one patient to another; it may be best to avoid any or all types of legumes and soy beans, soy-containing foods and all its forms like tofu, bean curd, etc.

3. Mint / Menthol – foods to avoid by people with g6pd deficiency include mint candies and menthol-flavored foods; substances containing menthol, like toothpaste, mouthwash, and bubble gums.

4. Peanuts – is also one of the foods to avoid by people with g6pd deficiency, it will just make the condition worse. Symptoms of anemia may occur.

5. Ascorbic acid – also one of the g6pd deficiency foods to avoid. Be careful as some foods may have this without the patient knowing it.

6. Sulphites/Sulfites – these substances are sometimes added or sprayed to food sto make their shelf life longer, to make fruits & vegetables look fresh and to preserve foods. They can also be found in some medications. These are foods to avoid by people with g6pd deficiency.

7. Vitamin K – may cause brain damage to patients with g6pd deficiency. This is very critical in infants because aside from hemolysis, the breakdown of red blood cells; it may also lead to neonatal brain damage and neonatal death.

8. Cooked / Prepared Chinese Foods – many Chinese foods are prepared using herbs; there are some herbs that trigger symptoms so it is best to avoid Chinese foods that have these herbs: cattle gallstone bezoar; honeysuckle.

9. Carbohydrates, Flour & Refined Sugar – these are among the foods to avoid by people with g6pd deficiency. Since the enzymes needed to breakdown these foods are deficient, there won't be any use for them unless converted.

10. Corn syrup – due to the deficiency in g6pd, these food product will not be converted into a usable form that can benefit the body.

11. Iron – high iron levels in the blood is not safe; since destruction of red blood cells is more common in people with this disorder, it is advisable not to take this mineral.

12. Tonic Water – this should be avoided because of its quinine ingredient. Quinine is a drug that is included in the list of unsafe drugs to take by a person with g6pd deficiency.

These are some foods to avoid by people with g6pd deficiency. It is best to consult and discuss everything with a medical practitioner and he may even recommend a dietitian for this condition.

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  1. rice is one of the source of carbohydrates right ?? does we need our child to prevent eating rice ??